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Un seul article off the rail

Day Old Records: Day Old Baby Je$us
Face It, Boy 03:49
I Guess That's Why There's Christmas 03:46
All I Want For Christmas Is Fox News 08:33
One Time For Damon 02:44
Spark That (Lounted In a Christmas Sweater) 03:12
I Know a Shortcut 02:30
Christmas Feelings Are Chemical 04:05
First Snow 03:01
Calling In Sick 02:44
Inthishollowlife 02:59
Billy Paul's Bounce 01:55
Hobbit 01:00
Light Pollution 02:47
Powerful Mutants 06:08
Crismasness 03:24
Christmas in the Trap (Bonus Track) 03:45

Day Old Records: Day Old Baby Je$us

Une compil mi hip-hop mi foutoir par de jeunes nerds ricains.

10 Janvier 2013

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