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The Death Set: Artificially Sweetened Mixtape
Gut Feeling vs It's Just a Ride 02:15
Public Witness 01:17
Subliminal 01:31
Deep Cover 01:30
Mashed Potato Time vs He Hit Me vs In The Clear 00:44
Windowlicker 00:49
Loving You Sometimes 01:28
Shot a Fire 00:16
Kittens Inspired By Canonball vs Black Metal vs Should I Stay Or Should I Go vs Get to the Point 01:56
Hypnotize vs Brown Paper Bag vs Blitzkrieg Bop 01:29
The Cure (The Death Set Cover) 01:43
Michel Poiccard Prefers the Old 00:30
Zombie 00:56
At The Movies 01:08
Hello Miss 01:25
Fair Weathered Friends 00:54
Fair Weathered Friends 00:59
Chick Habit 01:40
Ya Fat Bugger 00:18
Mind Ya Buisiness 00:57
Earth Fwend Fire vs O Lets Do It 01:35
They Come to Get Us 01:50
Ballzy Anthem Summertime 01:51
I-10 vs Terrorist 01:35
Time of the Season 01:56
Aussie Bogan Chick on Train 00:24
Born Free 01:01
52 Girls vs Shimmy Shimmy Ya 02:00
Black Metal vs Lights Out 01:28
Brooklyn to Baltimore 00:26
Chew it Like a Gun Gum (Mixtape Teaser Edit) vs 1800 Suicide 01:03
Perversion for Profit 00:18
Ponytail - Double Dagger - Ecstatic Sunshine - Dan Deacon - Video Hippos - Spankrock - MFDS 00:35
Pico Pico 01:12
Diamond Sea vs Be Faithful vs Hunter S Thompson Lecture on Herpes and Disco 02:00
Be Faithful 00:39
The Choice is Yours 01:12
Suburban Home 01:43
Hybrid Moments 01:43
My Shadow vs Pass the Mic 01:46
Mario Shows Pee Wee Some New Items in the Magic Shop vs MFDS 00:19

The Death Set: Artificially Sweetened Mixtape

Une heure de bordel réjouissant, à télécharger et à écouter.

01 Décembre 2010

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