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Mighty Sparrow : Sparrowmania
Bongo 03:52
A Diggin' Horrors 05:43
Oriental Touch 02:05
Shango Man 04:29
Sweet Loving 03:06
Mi Son Cha (Sparrow & His Troubadours) 03:50
She's Been Gone Too Long 02:13
Ten To One Is Murder 04:27
Kennedy And Krushchev 04:34
The Slave 06:37
Congo Man 07:04
Calypso Boogaloo 02:46
Fool Fool Fool 01:53
Zinah 02:44
Try A Little Tenderness With Byron Lee 02:27
Bois Bande 02:51
Dancehall Brawl 03:35
Letter From Miami 04:12
No Money No Love (live at The Hilton, Barbados) 05:40
Rose 07:56
Sparrow Come Back Home 05:44
Big Bamboo 04:16
Marajhin 07:36
Lion & Donkey (Re-Match) 04:22
Jook For Jook 04:00
Picong Duel (Sparrow And Melody) 05:12
Renegades 06:33
Sparrow Dead 03:56
What's The Use Of Getting Sober 04:53

Mighty Sparrow : Sparrowmania

La double compilation hommage au Calypso King Of The World en écoute intégrale.

13 Janvier 2012

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